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Impact of Polynucleotides in Tear Trough Treatment - Bright Smile Clinic, London NW3

Polynucleotides have attracted attention in the field of aesthetics for their impact, on skin rejuvenation and anti aging treatments. These molecules, derived from salmon DNA possess properties that stimulate the production of collagen, aid in tissue repair and enhance skin elasticity. Polynucleotides rejuvenate the under-eye area by stimulating collagen and elastin production, improving skin …

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Philips Zoom Whitening stands out as a premier teeth-whitening solution, renowned for its exceptional efficacy and safety. Utilizing advanced LED technology, it accelerates the whitening process, delivering remarkable results in a single session. The procedure, performed by Dr Massoudi, ensures precision and personalized care. Its proprietary whitening gel is designed to minimize sensitivity, enhancing the comfort of patients. The effectiveness of Philips Zoom is underscored by its ability to brighten teeth up to eight shades, surpassing alternatives. This method is not only efficient but also time-saving, making it an optimal choice for those seeking a quick and reliable teeth-whitening solution.

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