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American Academy of Periodontology encourages routine periodontal care during ongoing pandemic

Patients with gum disease are three times more likely to suffer from complications if they contract COVID-19. This is according to new research published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. Analysing more than 500 patients with the virus, the research team discovered that those with gum disease …

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We went through a tough year in 2020. A new year is upon us, and with a new year comes a fresh perspective on many aspects of our lives. It’s the perfect time to take a step back and refocus on positive elements, such as how we can better take care of ourselves and boost our overall well-being in 2021. Focusing on our health should always be one of our top priorities, as it has an impact on everything we do in our lives.

We think it’s a great idea to start 2021 off on a positive note by getting your dental and aesthetic needs back in style! Let’s talk about the wide range of dental and aesthetic treatments available at BrightSmile Dental & Aesthetic Clinic. We have put in place extensive COVID-19 safety measures and protective protocols to provide the most secure and controlled environment for our patients and our staff.

BrightSmile Dental & Aesthetic Clinic Provides the following treatments:

  • General, Cosmetic & Specialised Dentistry
  • Facial Aesthetics: Anti-Wrinkle &, Dermal Filler Treatments
  • Body Sculpting: Fat Freezing

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