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Chin Enhancement with Dermal Filler Available at BrightSmile Clinic, London NW3

Chin enhancement or liquid chin augmentation using dermal filler is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to surgical intervention, and is a firm favourite with Hollywood celebrities. An attractive face requires balance, definition, contour and proportion of a number of facial features, which include the nose, lips, chin, jawline and neck. Appropriate aesthetic enhancement of the chin …

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Non-Surgical Treatment for Forehead Augmentation

The forehead is an important facial feature that is often neglected. From an aesthetic perspective, a high and rounded forehead helps to give a good balance to the rest of your overall facial features. Forehead augmentation used to be done by plastic surgeons. However in recent years, the development of medical aesthetics has made it possible to do forehead augmentation non-surgically. Forehead augmentation with dermal fillers is not as invasive or as dramatic as surgery, and also not permanent. It is a better and safer choice for people who are unsure about undergoing surgery. 

In the case presented here, Dr Massoudi has used 2mls of Texoane RHA3 to augment the forehead. The results are subtle, yet noticeable and can last between 8 to 12 months. At BrightSmile Clinic we understand your facial aesthetic concerns and offer free consultation sessions to discuss these with you.

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