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Internal Whitening Of Non-vital Teeth Available At BrightSmile Dental & Aesthetic Clinic NW3

Root filled teeth sometimes darken compared with the surrounding teeth. By placing whitening agents inside the tooth it is possible to improve the appearance. Although there may be a lot of different reasons for a tooth to be darker than the rest, the most common reason is internal discolouration or pulp problems. Discolouration usually happens after a trauma or root canal treatment and is the …

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Microcannulas are the future of fillers

Saturday 28th October 2017

Microcannulas are without a doubt the future of injectable fillers as the increased safety, patient comfort, and accuracy of using the microcannula technique for injectable fillers will soon make it the standard of care. Microcannula is advantageous over the traditional sharp hypodermic needle, as it offer flexibility and has a blunt head, which allows the filler to be injected or fanned into the desired areas with extreme precision. The traditional technique for injecting a filler involves making several injection points with a sharp needle. Having multiple injection sites is often what can lead to bruising, as you are potentially breaking blood vessels with each injection. With a microcannula, you need only one injection point per area, and the cannulas is then threaded under the skin. The microcannula is so thin, blunt head, and flexible that it can actually move blood vessels out of the way instead of puncturing them.

Dr Massoudi uses the microcannula for facial filler injections when appropriate, including nasolabial folds, cheeks, marionette lines, temple, forehead, tear trough, jaw lines, chin, nasal augmentation ("liquid rhinoplasty”), and lips. The result is very precise placement of the fillers, a dramatically reduced chance of bruising, and very minimal pain. Take a look at some of the Before & After photos of Dr Massoudi's work, and book your free consultation. Tel: 02074311444



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