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Internal Whitening Of Non-vital Teeth Available At BrightSmile Dental & Aesthetic Clinic NW3

Root filled teeth sometimes darken compared with the surrounding teeth. By placing whitening agents inside the tooth it is possible to improve the appearance. Although there may be a lot of different reasons for a tooth to be darker than the rest, the most common reason is internal discolouration or pulp problems. Discolouration usually happens after a trauma or root canal treatment and is the …

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Before & After pictures of full mouth reconstruction, smile enhancement & cosmetic dentistry carried out at our Finchley Road, NW3 Dental Practice

Before & After photos of dental and cosmetic work carried out by the principal dentist Dr. Massoudi at our dental clinic in NW3, Finchley Road, Swiss Cottage area, are now available for vewing on our website.


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